UGG Australia set off a wave of UGG snow boots around the world

When winter comes, the toes always feel like they are not frozen. I really want to wear warm UGG has wood, but the so-called “UGG” on the top of the world is uneven, how can I buy authentic Australian-made UGG? Let Xiaobian tell everyone~~

1. First, it is to clarify the concept of UGG. UGG is not a brand concept, but a general term for snow boots. The original name was called uglyboots (meaning ugly shoes). Later Australians nicknamed it ugg. It also refers to the round head boots with fur. It is also a type of boots, so UGG is divided into many brands, of course, the price is completely different. It is to clarify that UGG Australia, which is currently heard most by domestic partners, is actually not produced in Australia. It’s an authentic American brand. Many years ago, the American gold digger came to Australia and saw some local farmers and some workers in Australia wearing a pair of snow boots, pure wool and handmade, the foot is comfortable and warm, the locals said. After returning to China, the Americans first applied for UGG patents and founded the UGG Australia snow boots brand without the permission of the Australians. In the following years.

UGG Australia set off a wave of UGG snow boots around the world. ,conquer the world. On the Australian side, Australians have been angry with the behavior of Americans, and several UGG hand workshop owners have appealed against the Americans and refused to recognize the UGG Australia brand. For example: Jumbo Shearers, UGG AU Real UGG…………. There are also a lot of local farmer’s hand workshops and factory shops, all of which are their own brands and prices vary. *Note *AUSTRILIA UGG brand has nothing to do with Australia, not made in Australia, most of them are made in china.