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The Next Thing In Computing - Human Assisted Learning

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Alex Poon, a VP of engineering at Outbrain, explains that the biggest advance in computing intelligence for years is the advancements made through human assisted learning. It turns out that machines can be far more effective when they have humans to help them. Alex points out that computers with human assistants to make judgments are far more effective than either computers or humans alone in chess tournaments. Humans are even helping computers struggling with analyzing protein folds to concentrate on only the critical bits of data processing by directing them to tackle the important tasks. People can look at the data and quickly pick out patterns that machines struggle to see.

Even Netflix is moving to a human assisted computing model by having humans choose a specific profile when watching movies so that the machine can more accurately focus its recommendations to the needs of an individual.

Who knows. The next computer you buy might come with a human attached.