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The Big Problems With Big Data

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Alex Poon, a VP of engineering at Outbrain, talks about the challenges with Big Data. More and more organizations understand there is value in analyzing masses of data to improve decision making, but executing a Big Data strategy is not easy. Alex explains that increasing numbers of companies are starting to collect gobs of data from their customers and products in anticipation of Big Data dividends but they are unable to do anything with that data. Sometimes the data that is collected is not structured in a way that can be analyzed. Just setting up data processing frameworks like Hadoop is too much for most companies, what with all the complexities involved.

Still, Alex points out that the benefits of Big Data are huge and that companies like Netflix and Amazon are proving it. Netflix is even able to make better educated decisions about which new content to invest in by understanding their customer patterns and needs to a degree most companies can only dream of. It may be painful to make Big Data pay off, but the results are worth it. Listen to Alex talk about the strategies he has used to build a big data company.