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Success In Building Quality Software Is Knowing What Not To Test

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist for Parasoft, talks about how software testing has evolved over time. Big new academic ideas for software engineer processes regularly come along but are never really ready for the real world. “Test driven” development was popular 10 years ago, and now it is Agile. Each of these methods brings useful things but also have some impractical aspects. The trick is to use what is helpful and discard the rest. What is really starting to have an impact is the growing trends of building software out of pre-existing components. This really speeds up both engineering and test times. Arthur recommends that engineering teams put a lot of thought into designing their test methodologies at the very beginning of the product cycle rather than later on. It is critical to focus on testing only those things that are truly critical to verify quality. It is all too easy to generate so much noise with testing that you spend more time analyzing results than developing code.