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Open Stack: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Stephen Spector, a Cloud Evangelist at Dell explains how Open Stack is quickly evolving to become a viable cloud solution for both enterprises and hosting services. When you consider that Open Stack is only 2 years old, it has come a long way. The marketing hype may have been ahead of the reality early on, but Open Stack is now mature enough to be used in a number of organizations. The Object Storage component (Swift) is the most widely used piece of Open Stack and the Compute (Nova) piece just got a big jolt with the new Folsom release of Open Stack. Stephen says it is important to remember that Open Stack is actually a whole collection of individual Open Source projects. This offer huge flexibility by allowing users to pick and choose just the features and capabilities they want. The future looks promising for Open Stack, all it needs now is a big showcase enterprise to adopt it at scale to reach the tipping point where everyone is willing to adopt it. Stephen just hopes that established players like VMware don’t spoil the Open Source party now that they too are participating in Open Stack with their Nicira purchase.

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