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If You Want Quality Software, Hire A Woman!

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Devon Tooley, a Software Product Consultant at Siemens PLM software, explains how test engineers can add value by being involved from the very beginning of a product, even helping define the requirements and engaging with customers to understand the use cases and the people who will be using it. Testing itself should be designed to take the types of users who will be using the software and even the environments where it will be used. For example, software used at home will be treated differently than software in the work-place.

Devon believes that good testers are customer advocates, although they must balance the needs of their own companies with those of the users, which are not always perfectly aligned.

As much as Devon loves the software industry she thinks it would be even better if more women like her were involved. The different perspectives that women bring to the engineering process can help a lot. Perhaps exposing young women to math in programming in a problem solving type method would encourage more people to go into the industry rather than the heavy math-focus that is often taken in school.

She is pleased to see an increasing number of women in software leadership roles, even though she may not agree with all of them.