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Crowdsourcing - The Solution To World Hunger And Global Warming

In this episode of the TPM podcast show Ryan Martens, a CTO with Rally Software, explains how Open Source projects and oDesk have proven that crowdsourcing works for software engineering, but there are still major difficulties to overcome. It is easy for crowdsourcing teams to get code to a beta level of a proof of concept but taking the software through the finish line to an actual finished product that solves problems is another matter. We still need better collaborative tools and systems to allow widely distributed teams to work productively. Github and Skype have done a lot to make crowdsourcing work but there is a long way to go before distributed teams become just as effective as teams working in the same building. Ryan talks about how he is thrilled to help solve major global challenges like hunger and global warming through his volunteer work with crowdsourcing projects for Unicef and the Unreasonable Institute. The latest release of the AgileZen project management software from Ryan’s own company is just one of the pieces of the puzzle that will need to be filled to bring crowdsourcing to the next level.

You can learn more about AgileZen here:

You can learn about the Unreasonable Institute non-profit projects here: