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What Trends To Expect For Mobile In 2011

As we move into 2011, it is good time to look at some trends in the Mobile space that we are likely to see more of in the year. The action that is happening in the Mobile space is tremendous with manufacturers, platform providers and application developers all jostling with each other to make an impression. We take a look at the three general trends that we are likely to see in 2011.

2011 is expected to be the year of the Tablets devices. The Apple iPad that was released last year got a tremendous response and its success has triggered almost all device manufacturers to announce their Tablet offerings. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently has seen 70+ tablets being announced. A majority of the handsets were announced on the Android platform. The Tablet scene is likely to see more activity as we move into the year.

The two main mobile platforms, namely iPhone iOS and Google Android have build up on their success in the last year and continue to be the preferred platforms for mobile application developers. This is primarily based on the fact that these platforms have been adopted by the consumers and boast of excellent tools and a market ecosystem that is attractive to developers. We are likely to see Android consolidating its market share and growing much more since it has found its way as the preferred OS to power mobile devices from several vendors. RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7 and Nokia Symbian continue to lose their marketshare. RIM seems best positioned of this lot to do better this year. Their first Tablet, the Blackberry Playbook is likely to be available in February 2011, powered by the QNX Operating System that they acquired last year. RIM is a favourite when it comes to Enterprise users and it is banking on its Playbook being a success in this space. Microsoft and Nokia are struggling at the moment to announce devices and developer tools that match to those provided by Apple and Google.

The final prediction is around the kinds of mobile applications that are likely to see a growing adoption in the year. Location continues to be a favourite and mobile applications that will be successful will continue to innovate and utilize the current location of the user while providing contextual data with reference to that. Apart from location, mobile applications that provide a complete immersive experience and an ability to connect the user to multiple social streams are likely to come out to the forefront. 

Even if some of the trends do not hold true, it is a given that the year 2011 will be an exciting year for the mobile industry.