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Outage Management At The Caiso And Caiso Eim

Tracking and monitoring outages is a key function of managing generation assets in the California ISO (CAISO) and CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). CAISO Business Process Manuals and Operating Procedures detail the specific processes and procedures for coordinating generation outages.

If you are a Participating Generator within the CAISO footprint, your outage management procedures must be NERC and CAISO compliant, which means your company must follow a comprehensive set of operating procedures governing generator outage management.

Reporting outages to CAISO and other ISO and RTO's requires complete and accurate outage planning and outage scheduling.  Click here to view CAISO's Business Practice Manual for Outage Management.  CAISO's BPM covers the business processes used by the ISO to coordinate the scheduling of generation and transmission outages and describes the roles and responsibilities of the ISO, its Transmission Owners, Transmission Operators and Scheduling Coordinators.

Versify is an Outage Management software vendor providing Generation and Transmission Outage Management System's to help automate and improve outage planning, schedule and submission to CAISO.  Versify's OMS is integrated with CAISO's outage management system to submit and synchronize outages between systems. 

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