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New Energy Analytics Software From Versify Execview

New Energy Industry Analytics software call ExecView has been released by Versify Solutions to help solve the problems of power provider, power generators, asset managers and portfolio managers.  The web-based software is meant to provide visibility into operational, commercial and market information supporting renewables and clean energy such as hydro, solar, wind and battery as well as traditional fossil natural gas and coal power plants and generation.


Versify’s ExecView™ consolidates and aggregates data from multiple sources to provide an Executive Dashboard and Analytical Reporting platform to provide transparency across the asset portfolio and increase revenue opportunities.  A suite of energy KPIs are standard out-of-the-box along with accelerator energy mobile dashboards and pre-configured energy reporting. 


Versify’s ExecView™ is the latest in generation analytics and energy business intelligence software.  Leaders and executives can quickly gain access to highly interactive drill-down dashboards and analytical reporting related to their energy operations, plant operations and energy market data.  Providing data visualization across a power portfolio gives insight and visibility about how the fleet is performing, plant reliability and revenue opportunities.  A few highlights of the latest in energy analytics by Versify’s ExecView™:

  • Provides near real-time visibility of asset performance across multiple stakeholders
  • Eliminates manual report creation and distribution providing huge time savings and do-more-with-less
  • Provides standardized reporting across the portfolio that can be shared across the organization
  • Provides out of the box industry standard KPIs for rapid deployment
  • Easily adaptable to unique customer requirements
  • “Normalizes” data across multiple types of generation assets and manufacturers (turbines, inverters, etc.)
  • Low IT overhead utilizing Versify’s fully hosted solution


Versify Solutions, Inc. ( is a pioneer and leading provider of advanced enterprise situational awareness solutions for the electric power industry.  Versify’s application suite is a first-to-market software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platform that uniquely addresses major challenges faced by companies involved in the generation, transmission, and sale of electric power.  Renewable energy operators, utilities, merchant power producers and transmission owners alike leverage the Company’s solutions to enable key digital transformation initiatives aimed at increasing revenue, reducing costs, mitigating compliance risks, and operating critical infrastructure assets more efficiently.  Versify’s OMS™ Outage Management System provides Generation Outage Management software, Transmission Outage Management software, NERC GADS/TADS reporting and is workflow enabled.  Versify’s PORTAL™ provides Asset Management software, Operator Logs, NERC Compliance software and is workflow enabled. Versify ExecView™ provides energy industry business intelligence, analytics and reporting combining data into a single solution including commercial, revenue, market pricing, operations, performance and reliability information.  For more information, please visit