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Energy And Utility Analytics And Executive Dashboards

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With all the disparate systems, data and business silos, gathering all the pieces together into a meaningful dashboard or report has become an uphill battle.  

Companies have invested heavily in downstream operational systems such as Energy Management Systems (EMS), Historians, Outage Management Systems, Trade Capture and Risk Management (ETRM), Work Management (CMMS), Incident Management and Operator Logs, GADS Reporting and the list goes on.  All this information in its individual containers doesn’t provide any real or meaningful insight into how the company, fleet or assets are performing at a portfolio view.  

Energy industry analytical software is aimed at filling this gap.  Consolidating and aggregating the endless volumes of data readily available and providing it in a meaningful executive dashboarding platform. 

There are a host of KPIs spread across the organization.  From Reliability KPIs, Market KPIs and Operations KPIs.  Most companies manually gather and consolidate data into complex spreadsheets or ad-hoc reporting processes.  Extremely time consuming, prone to errors and knowledge of the process lost as employee’s transition between positions and careers.  But what if all this information was on a single platform?  What if stakeholders from across the organization could view and interact with a single source of information, all capable of seeing the same truth.

It has also become a requirement for energy dashboards and asset performance reports to be available on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  The line between laptop computer and tablet is slowly starting to fade.  Executives, senior management and leaders have become mobile.  The field force technicians traveling for site maintenance have become mobile.  So, it follows suit that software vendors must now provide complete mobile energy dashboards.

Versify offers the latest in analytics and executive dashboards for the energy and utilities industry.