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Energy And Utilities Business Process Automation, Workflow And Form Building Software

If you’re looking for real benefits of workflows and electronic forms, download this workflow ebook!

Think of all the spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, countless applications and paper documents used to record and communicate information across multiple business stakeholders.  Stakeholders such as asset managers, plant operations, control room operators and dispatch, portfolio managers, traders and power marketing.

The number of manual processes used to keep a company moving along is staggering.  Many of them are time consuming, fraught with opportunities for error and many times late or missed altogether. 

We understand the challenges energy companies and utilities face and that’s why we’ve built a solution specifically designed for the energy and utilities industry to automate and improve your business processes.

The whitepaper contains real examples and benefits from our clients on how they improved productivity, maximized revenue opportunities and received an immediate ROI.

5 Real Benefits of Workflow Tools for the Energy and Utilities Industry

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Versify Solutions, Inc. ( helps power producers optimize key functions and processes for power generation asset performance, event logging, outage management, trading and compliance to improve the operational and financial performance of generation and transmission assets.  Versify automates the outage management process across the portfolio and integrates with all ISO/RTOs and Reliability Coordinators.

Versify applications provide transparency to commercial teams, asset management teams and plant operations teams to reduce lost market opportunities and identify the optimal times for performing asset maintenance.  Versify offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services that provide key insights into generation performance, regulatory compliance, power-plant outage management and trading market opportunities.  For more information, please visit