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Strategies To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have increased 165% in 2015 - how can you protect your business from this? It's different than other viruses, trojan horse and worm malware in the past because it encrypts files and they are impossible to decrypt (without paying a "ransom" which may or may not work!) Therefore, the key to protection is tactics for prevention and recovery, and this is achieved through technology, policies, and education. Learn more at this informational lunch 'n' learn event hosted by Clare Computer Solutions (CCS). We'll discuss: How to educate employees to prevent deployment of malware Best practices for limiting the ability of ransomware to infect your machines Best practices for containing the damage if ransomware infects your machines Tactics and technology to restore your infected component to a pre-infection state This event is perfect for both executives and IT personnel - won't you join us? Lunch will be served! When: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016, 11:30AM (11:00 check-in) to 1:00PM Where: California Joint Powers Risk Management Authority (CJPRMA) Office Located: 3201 Doolan Rd., Ste 285, Livermore, CA 94551